Samsung Rumored to Produce 5.9-Inch 4K Displays

evolveteam November 6, 2014 0
Samsung Mobile 4K displays

Discussions of 4K displays on smartphones predate back to last year with Samsung front and center of the rumor mill. Shouldn’t come off as a surprise since the electronics giant has been leading the forefront in mobile engineering with the introduction of its Galaxy Note phablet series and now dual-screened handsets via Galaxy Note Edge. PhoneArena recently got a tip from an anonymous source about the company working on a 5.9-inch 4K AMOLED screen heading into 2015.

Plans are to mass produce these panels by next August, which could be present in the launch of its next-gen Note 5 or Note Edge 2 devices. Pixel density is said to be at 70ppi, leading to what would be super-sharp resolution never before seen on any mobile device. LG’s even gone on record stating such densities were well in the industry’s reach and could been experienced as soon as next year. If introduced next year, Sammy would be wise to attach it to the Galaxy S6. Just a thought!