Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories Could Make it A Must-Buy

evolveteam January 28, 2015 0
Samsung Galaxy S6

Spring draws near, which means Samsung is ready to launch its next flagship smartphone. Mobile consumers can expect the Galaxy S6 to be announced at Mobile World Congress on March 1st. What exactly the handset will consist of remains a mystery. Several leaked rumors suggest improvements on the hardware and software end, though nothing has been confirmed at the moment. But according to SamMobile, the company will look to launch a series of new accessories that integrate with the device and could serve as its biggest selling point.

Here are some of the features we could possibly expect:

• Extended S Health: You’ll be able to measure blood sugar in addition to things like heart rate right from the comfort of your home, without depending on a standalone blood sugar measuring machine. What’s more, thanks to Samsung’s renewed interests in cloud computing, you’ll be able to upload the results to the cloud for the doctor to take a look at.

• Secondary e-ink display: You’ve probably seen accessories like this for the iPhone in the past. It’ll be a secondary display for e-book lovers and the like, which will not only make reading easy on the eyes, but on the battery as well.

• Add on camera lenses: Samsung’s been pretty active with standalone cameras, and it could offer K Zoom-like optical zoom to the upcoming Galaxy S6 via means of detachable lenses!

Samsung is also rumored to be producing some sports equipment add-ons for bicycles, steppers, and other devices that could work with the Galaxy S6 as well. Sounds like some cool stuff. The Galaxy S6 will officially be announced to the public in March.