Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Screen to Boast Record PPI

evolveteam April 10, 2015 0
Galaxy Note 5

Samsung’s official Analyst Day presentation slides show that the company intends to bring the Ultra HD display, with a whopping 2160×3840 pixel resolution to market this year. Samsung has again hinted at a UHD smartphone display at the company’s roadmap workshop, last year.

A new report indicates the upcoming Galaxy Note 5, arriving this year, sometime this fall to be more precise. With production of the UHD panels expected to start in August, we should be able to expect to see the next iteration of the phablet flagship handset at IFA in September, when they’ve been traditionally unveiled.

The Note 5 is said to have a 5.89-inch display, with 748 pixels per inch. Rumors states a dual edged version will also be available, slightly smaller at 5.78-inch curved display, but touting a record high 762 PPI!

The Note phablets have been a highlight for Samsung for a few years. Gorgeous displays, with innovative controls and UI. The Note 5 is shaping up to be the next big thing, in a year of big things for Samsung.