Rockstar Rolls Out 12 New GTA V Images

evolveteam August 14, 2013 0
GTA V Vapid Screenshot

Just a month away before Rockstar unleashes Grand Theft Auto V onto retailers across the nation, we revisit Los Santos for another time as the publisher/developer sends out another batch of awesome visuals for the action game due out September 17th. These new 12 screenshots show off the popular virtual city, along with Blaine County, plus some new vehicles and Trevor’s fresh hunting gear. Drool over the visuals below and pre-order your copy of GTA V over at Gamestop right now.


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GTA V Vapid Screenshot

GTA V Trevor

GTA V Submarine

GTA V Regina CAr

GTA V Canyon

GTA V cars

GTA V Dune buggy

GTA V jet Ski

GTA V Burglary

GTA V Airplane

Grand theft auto v plane