Retro-Active: World Heroes

evolveteam September 25, 2009 0

With such a small library of Neo-Geo standouts, its no shocker seeing how World Heroes never got its due as one of better titles on the ill-faded system. Choose from the collection of 8 world renown fighters, who travel in time to fight in a world tournament. On the journey to become the greatest fighter in history, players must take on the extraterrestrial Geegus; a shapeshifting alien who mimics his enemies attacks and appearance.

Tactical fighting best describes the Neo-Geo fighters, and World Heroes falls in that loop. Every character has their special attack, which is activated by simultaneously pressing the A,B and C buttons; strategic planning is the key to powerfully damaging attacks. Sounds a lot more challenging than just laying in the corner with Blanka, throwing longs kicks and holding the back button, setting up Beast Rolls and cheesing up a storm. The game’s more popular attraction is its Deathmatch mode, where bouts favor the adversary, as fighter’s step into several arenas filled with booby traps. Sadly this bonus was ousted in the series later outings.

Besides bearing a clunky control and being dubbed a Street Fighter II rip-off, World Heroes has enough originality to make it stand out from its peers. Besides, what 2D fighter wasn’t compared to the Mecca of all fighting games. Judging by the video you can tell where Capcom got their inspiration for Fei-Long.