Retro-Active: Gun.Smoke

evolveteam October 23, 2009 0

    Gunslinging on the NES, ahh, the classics. While the arcade version of Capcom’s cowboy shootem’up was a standout, the home console version for the Nintendo Entertainment System would prove to be the prominent version. The Red Dead Revolver of it’s time, saddle up and step in the dirt-clogged boots of bounty hunter Billy Bob (how original), roaming cross dirt-filled towns in search of ruthless outlaws.

    Linear gameplay aside, this top-down platformer keeps you moving at a fast pace, dodging a melee of bullets coming from all angles. Snatch money bags and purchase heavy artillery such as shotguns, machine guns, and rifles; sweeping through dust-filed towns and shooting rackin frackin varmints along the way; riding round town on your stallion or on-foot. Sounds as easy as pie, but getting through those battles is a b*tch.

    As action games began pushing the envelope, Gun.Smoke crept through the mist of hot-barrel fog and came out gun-slinging. One of the more memorable Capcom titles of the 8-bit generation, Gun.Smoke’s difficulty is enough of a guilty pleasure to bring you back to your NES. Billy the Kid got nothing on Billy Bob!