Retro-Active: Doom

evolveteam May 22, 2009 0

Back in 1993, Doom ruled PC gaming. We all remembered gluing ourselves to our mouse and keyboard and controlling a nameless solider, whose main objective is to destroy the demons swarmed on Earth’s military base setup on Mars. Your arsenal ranged from brass knuckles to chainsaws, shotguns to plasma riffles. How more hardcore can you get then by pulverizing a demon with your brass knuckles?

Doom was notorious for displaying satanic imagery, promoting endless violence and showcasing gore to a level that we’ve never experienced at the time. Controversy couldn’t stop Doom’s success and the titled helped spawned several sequels, making it one of the gaming’s greatest franchises.

Landmark best describes Doom. It set the mold for FPS’s as history has proven. And that alone is all the reason you need to have it in your vault.