Puppeteer Review

evolveteam September 18, 2013 0
Puppeteer PS3 Gameplay

Unique Gameplay

The game is made for children, making it pretty easy to pick up and get into. But it does keep your interest for longer periods of time as there is so much going on. Kutaro is a boy who ends up in a puppet’s body without a head. After being given one, you’ll also discover different types of heads for the character that can be switched out at any time. Though once hit by an enemy, your head will roll off. If you lose every single one…game over! Our protagonist gets some cool accessories, one being a pair of scissors, which become crucial throughout the game. These will give you a boost by cutting seams and speeding through the screen.

Puppeteer PS3 Graphics

Great Graphics

SCE Japan put great use to 3D graphics in the platformer. While playing through the scenes, all characters come to life like a real-life puppet display. When moving to a new level, you’ll notice the set change and move as if it was an actual live show. Colors are bright and pop out on the screen as well.

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