Opel Enimga Concept Finds Inspiration From Chevy Camaro

evolveteam March 30, 2012 0
Opel Enigma Concept Coupe

The German automaker is hurting big time, with rumors of both it and its sister company, Vauxhall, rumored to be closing shop due to the serious economic recession in Europe. So at the moment, we can only dream of the Opel Enimga concept coming into fruition before the company possibly shuts down its plants. That doesn’t mean we can’t admire the two-door coupe’s sweet design. David Cardoso, designer of the Enigma, shot this rendering over to Carscoop and discussed his inspiration behind the car’s form:

The Opel Enigma is a sporty 4-seater coupe based on the platform of the Chevrolet Camero. This concept could be considered as an Insignia coupe, but I would rather see it as the new “Calibra”. The rear is inspired by the Insignia (Buick Regal), while the side and front have design features of the Astra GTC and Flextreme concept”

Great cars to fashion the prototype after: Wouldn’t you agree?