New Street Fighter V Trailer Reveals New Moves

evolveteam May 20, 2015 0

Anyone who has played Street Fighter before knows exactly who M.Bison is and how powerful he is. However, in Street Fighter V it seems he is coming in with some brand new tricks that may change his fighting abilities forever. Firstly it seems that Capcom has given his punch normals a tweak by having them cover the opponent in energy though it’s tough to say if it’s just aesthetic or possibly a gameplay mechanic just yet, editing his low normals it seems he is given a better execution for keeping his opponent in the air which is known as ‘Juggling’, this may very well change how much knockback Bison gets in his attacks.

He also gains some new moves and move edits such as a new projectile reflection skill, faster teleport and even new mechanics for his Psycho orb that seem to make him a bigger threat than in any other game. Overall it seems like Capcom is attempting to reinvent its staple fighting series, and who knows it might just work out well.