New Era + X-Men = Too X-treme??

evolveteam April 28, 2009 0
I remember seeing the Beast hat when it first dropped at the New Era flagship store in NY and thinking, “who the hell’s going to cop this?”
<img src=”” alt=”beast-marvel-fitted-baseball-hat_new-era_59fiftylo” title=”beast-marvel-fitted-baseball-hat_new-era_59fifty” width=”450″ height=”343″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-275″ />
I must have said it out loud because the guy at the register told me they were actually very popular. Word?? Maybe as a collector’s item. I mean, you definitely need to be pretty comfortable in your own skin to walk around with one of these sitting on top of your dome. I’m not going to say they’re ugly but definitely EXTREME. Afterall, they are based on mutants.

Hit the jump to see some of the most extreme fitted caps to come from this collaboration.




Professor Xavier

These are only a few of the designs out there but these are the most over the top. After looking the list over, I have to admit, they really go hard in terms of creativity and you’ve got to respect it. If you can pull this look off, more power to you.