MOGA Accessories Holiday Lineup Preview

evolveteam August 26, 2013 1
MOGA Hero Controller

Who would have thought the day would come when you could use an actual gamepad controller to play console games like Grand Theft Auto on your mobile device? The team at MOGA brought such a vision to life and have garnered success with their first set of mobile controllers. We recently caught up with the mobile accessories brand to take a look at its latest set of controllers dubbed the Hero and Pro due out later this year.

Battery life on any smart phone is horrible, especially when used to play games. An hour can go by and battery life is down by at least 70 percent. Well, the new generation of MOGA controllers now have MOGA Boost–a new technology that charges your phone during gameplay sessions using a USB port connectable to the controller. Even with the battery pack, the controllers are still lightweight. Actually, the G-factor is no different from the original.

Moga Controllers Fall 2013

“With this next generation of MOGA mobile game controllers, MOGA firmly establishes itself as the leader in the industry,” said Eric Bensussen, President and Co-Founder of PowerA. “Defining innovation and leadership, the MOGA System is always evolving to complement and align with key trends. With our world class hardware, an extremely easy to use SDK and top retailer distribution, MOGA continues to attract world-class developers and publishers to our platform. When addressing the real needs of mobile gamers, nothing else comes close to MOGA.”

Not only will the controllers charge your phone, but also support multiplayer gaming, along with improved Bluetooth radios and 100 MOGA enhanced and HID compatible games. Have an OtterBox or any other thick cases for your phone? No sweat. The new MOGA S.M.R.T Lock will hold your phone in place. MOGA works with Android 2.3 (and higher) and will support Windows 8 via SDK, which is available to over 400 MOGA developers.