Mind-Blowing New iPhone Concept Features 3 Retina Displays

evolveteam March 29, 2012 0
The New iPhone Concept

Words can’t describe how incredibly insane ADR Studio’s new iPhone rendering looks. So why even go there. Instead, we’ll breakdown the concept’s amazing spec sheet. The SIM-free, LTE-enabled Apple handset dons a far slimmer profile than the iPhone 4S that’s highlighted by a unibody aluminum design. It apparently features a new two-panel speaker system, which you can see in the rear between the protruded middle.

We’re apparently looking at a mock version of iOS 6.0 on a 4.2-inch display that offers a number of new UI upgrades: including an all-new LED Edge App to indicate battery life and energy-draining activities. The home button is now integrated into the bottom display and can be activated via motion sensor. Best of all, not only does it pack a rumored 8MP (or 12MP) camera, it freaking sports three Retina Display screen strips—one for the bottom App dock, a top one to show notifications, and a center screen for desktop activity.

NUTS! Check out some of the other renderings below.

iPhone 5 Concept

The New iPhone 5 concept