Microsoft Could Bring Cortana to iOS and Android Devices

evolveteam March 16, 2015 0
iPhone Cortana

Microsoft has dominated the PC landscape for decades, is making solid moves on the tablet front, but the mobile phone has always eluded their grasp. Some of the more recent options have been worth considering, but it is the unique way they intend to take over your mobile device that is truly worth noting.

Reuters has found out that Microsoft is bringing the virtual assistant to iOS and Android, while it is already available on Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows 10 devices later this year. The report also indicates Microsoft is working on a new version of Cortana “using research from an artificial intelligent project called ‘Einstein.’” Microsoft Research managing director, Eric Horvitz says “This is the kind of technology which can read and understand emails, and it will play a central role in the next roll out of Cortana, sometime in the fall.”

How does this differ from Siri and Google Now? This should be the first intelligent “agent,” which will really anticipate your needs. This is done through speech recognition, search and machine learning.

These are not expected to be technological breakthroughs, but the ability to put together a truly anticipating assistant will be the break through Microsoft needs in the mobile market.