LG Thrill 4G Announced, Hitting AT&T

evolveteam June 23, 2011 0

AT&T brings out its big boys this summer and introduces what might be the most powerful phone next to the Motorola Atrix: the LG Thrill 4G. Announced at yesterday’s Pepcom festivities in New York City, the high-end smartphone comes equipped with Android 2.2 and a stunning 4.3-inch WVGA 3D screen that presents photos, videos, and games in 3D. Glasses free! That’s all thanks to the twin stereoscopic, 5-megapixel cameras found on the back. These shutters also allow users to shoot 720p video and capture photos, both in 3D. Plus it shoots 2D footage in HD 1080p. Under the hood is a 1GHz dual-core, dual-channel RAM processor thats allows for 3D-content generation and consumption. Other features include HDMI-capability, front-facing camera, and video stabilization technology that automatically fixes any shakey-recorded footage. What doesn’t this phone do? Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but AT&T sources say it’ll fare cheaper than other 3D smartphones hitting the market this year. The LG Thrill is rumored to hit shelves sometime near the end of summer.