LG Site Details on New G4 Smartphone Ahead of Announcement

evolveteam April 14, 2015 0

Somehow LG let the cat out of the bag, by leaving a trail to the new G4 micro site (which has been removed) embedded within the source code of the official teaser page. There is no holding back now.

Here are just some of the juicy bits from the sieve opened recently; f/1.8 Aperture lens, Color spectrum sensor, light trail effect, manual mode, IPS quantum display, handcrafted designs.

The aperture lens will be ideal for low light and portraits, producing beautiful and bright, professional looking photos with pop and clarity. To make the photos realistic, the phone will feature a color spectrum sensor analyzing shots before they are snapped to make sure everything matches up naturally.
Manual mode places control in to the hands of the user. Everything from shutter speed and white balance to exposure and brightness will be a few taps of the screen away. All packed within the IPS quantum display, delivering a crispness in the images so rich and authentic in color it will be hard to tell reality from an imagine.

The leak goes on to show there will be a removable 3,000 mAH battery and SD card slot. This provides a flexibility in usage and storage making the phone a must have when it comes out.