Leaked Photos Show Samsung Galaxy S6 Varieties

evolveteam February 9, 2015 0
Samsung Galaxy S6

The next flagship for the Samsung Galaxy line is not expected to be formally revealed until March 1, at Samsung Unpacked 2015. This has done nothing to prevent the world from speculating, postulating, dreaming, hoping, and creating rumor after rumor of what might be. ZDNet Korea fans the flames with a leaked image of the upcoming Galaxy S6.

The images show us five very different phones. It is assumed the standard S6 is the one on the left, and the Galaxy S6 Edge is on the far right. The second phone has a Versus-branded cover, a popular South Korean smartphone cover maker.

The fourth and fifth phones are likely the edged versions. Rumors have speculated the S6 will run edge to edge, different than the Galaxy Note Edge sloping only on one side. Looking closely the image we can see the edge tapering off on the right in the fourth phone, and on the left in the fifth, this seemingly confirms the edge to edge approach, or that Samsung is making a phone for a right or left handed user in mind.

With a single image we see so much of what the S6 might be. What we still do not know is if the seemingly metal body is complete throughout the phone, or if it is a unibody design. While this is all, still, speculation, the bezel of fifth phone is quite similar to the focus of the Samsung Unpack invite, granting credence to the validity of the image. It will be a very interesting few weeks leading up to the highly anticipated event on March 1.