Nintendo Releasing New Hyrule Warriors DLC

Angelina Montez February 9, 2015 0

Nintendo has released new DLC for Hyrule Warriors. In honor of the upcoming release for the Nintendo 3DS, fans of the game can now download the Majora’s Mask Pack available in the eShop. The new DLC includes new maps, costumes, you can also giving the ability to play as young Link as well as Tingle. Fans can look forward to more DLC for the game because this Majora’s Mask Pack is part of the Hero of Hyrule Pack, which is a pack of 4.

The Hero of Hyrule Pack is also available in the Nintendo eShop. This pack includes the Majora’s Mask pack, and two previously released DLC packs, a “Boss Pack” that will launch in March and a bonus in-game Dark Link costume. The Hero of Hyrule pack runs for $20, where as the Majora’s Mask pack is priced at $8.