Latest “Transformers: Age of Extinction” TV Spot Teases Dinobots Roster

evolveteam June 2, 2014 0

Transformers 4 – Help by teasertrailer

Something we’ve been anticipating for a while, at least since Michael Bay’s first foray into the world of remakes back in 2007 with the original Transformers film—seeing the Dinobots on the big screen. Paramount’s just released a new Age of Extinction spot that features all kinds of shots: including Stanley Tucci screaming his brains out and Mark Walhberg holding what looks like a Transformer-like alien gun. But perhaps the most exciting shot is close to the end, where viewers get to glance at what looks to be the entire classic Dinobot roster (Slag, Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop) racing down a bridge together.

Little info is known about the Dinobots and what part they’ll play in the story so far. Maybe they’re charging headlong into a climactic battle. If you’re any kind of Transformers fan, you’re probably hoping they’ll get a whole lot more action in the film. Watch the clip to check out the tease.

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