iPhone 7 Concept Suggests Improvements to Next-Gen Device

evolveteam December 19, 2014 0
iphone 7

Considering how fan-favored the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have become, many might argue that it’s difficult (or unnecessary) to improve Apple’s flagshipsmartphone. Leave it to an imaginary mind to expand our mobile horizons. Serbian engineer Nikola Cirkovic sees the potential of the mobile platform and has created his visionary iPhone 7 concept, which looks to squeeze in hi-tech features into a new gorgeous design.

The proposed device utilizes less space at the top and bottom of the display, even shrinking the home button and slimming down the side bezels. Cirkovic proposes more sensors for users can experience more dynamic phone experience that relies less on button pushing. Business Insider discussed about the concept:

“The sensors will be able to tell whether the iPhone is in your pocket or on the table,” the publication explains. “If it is, the screen will stay locked. If the phone is held up and closer to the face, the screen will automatically activate.”

Sounds appealing. Any takers?