iPhone 5 Concept Features Touch Home Button

evolveteam January 23, 2012 0
iPhone 5 Concept Home Touch Button

We’re still on the hunt for awesome iPhone 5 concepts as we await Apple to unveil its next-gen smartphone later this year. And we found this dope prototype sent over by Shaik Imaduddin to Concept Phones, which features “a tiny round touchscreen for a Home button” used for notifications such as email, calls, and messages, also shows the weather and time in Sleep Mode. The minute touchscreen offers as short cut for Siri, too. Swiping upward on the display launches an application. We’re wondering if you can use it as a short cut to skip music tracks on iTunes or maybe launch the camera app. Just some ideas we’re throwing around. Here’s a small breakdown video of the concept courtesy of YouTuber cptadget.