The 10 Best Indie Games of PAX East 2013

evolveteam March 26, 2013 5
Best Indie Games of Pax EAST 2013 Usagi

Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin

Platform: Android and iOS
The popular Dark Horse comic gets the mobile gaming treatment and makes for one of the top action, hack-n-slash titles to hit the smartphone scene. The 2D brawler has over 60 different enemies and 13 boss battles, plus welcomes other characters to the battle. Engage in “heart-pounding action,” while executing dope combos and earning cool powerups/unlockables.

Best Indie Games of Pax East 2013 Ever Dead

Ever Dead

Platform: Android and iOS
The post-apocalyptic survival strategy game takes place five years after a deadly zombie outbreak. Your city has the last remaining survivors. The goal: anything and everything to avoid being killed. Ever Dead is divided into two modes, daytime and nighttime, where in the former you must locate a camp and search for survival items, while using those exact novelties to make it through the latter. Hopefully The Walking Dead has taught you some survival tactics by this point.

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  • My name is Brianna Wu, I’m head of development at Giant Spacekat. I wanted to thank the Evolve team for coming by and checking out Revolution 60! Indie companies like mine truly appreciate each and every person that gives us support.

  • Anytime! The game looks amazing. You ladies did an awesome job!

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  • I’m Dan Higgins, Owner of Lunchtime Studios, LLC. Thank you Evolve for playing our demo of Lords of New York at PAX East! We’re building a deep story, high quality adventure game with some big innovations, and it’s GREAT to be recognized. We’re really honored to be mentioned in the top 10 amongst such an awesome group of Indie games!

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