Is the Hulk Going Grey in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’?

evolveteam January 23, 2015 0
Age of Ultron Hulk Grey

Of all the commendable qualities of the Avengers, there was one that was inarguably commended the most: Mark Ruffalo’s effortlessly charming, daring, and laugh-inducing performance as The Hulk. It does not need to be mentioned, then, that one of the most anticipated parts of the new Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, is Bruce Banner’s return to the silver screen. But the question remains: how will his character evolve? Will he be the same since we left him, or radically different?

Thanks to a new merchandising move from Hot Topic, which depicts all of the Avengers, as well as Ultron as vinyl figurines, we can now at least partially answer these questions: the Hulk could be turning grey in his upcoming appearance in theaters. It also bears mentioning that the figure is labeled “Savage Hulk,” which suggests that his character could be even more dangerous than he has been in the past. We will have to wait and see, but it’s not too far of a leap of logic to guess that Scarlet Witch might trap the team in their own unique, hallucinatory nightmares – the Hulk’s being one in which he is grey and, by extension, savagely out of control.