Hideo Kojima Making New Silent Hill Game Starring Norman Reedus

evolveteam August 13, 2014 0

Said to be his dream project, Hideo Kojima is finally working on a new Silent Hill installment. It came as a surprise at Gamescom 2014 when Sony released this teaser trailer and announced a playable demo available now on PSN. The demo is an interactive teaser trailer and apparently is well worth the playthrough until the end. The demo is called P.T, but the game will be called Silent Hills: yes the plural is correct.

Polygon is reporting that at the end of the final scene in the demo, it announces Walking Dead phenom, Norman Reedus, will be the star of the game. It also flashes Hideo Kojima’s name alongside Guillermo del Toro’s. Sounds like a wonderful trio.

Many gamers thought that Kojima would never work on the franchise due to the simple fact he has talked about it for years. As many of his fans thought it was merely a pipe dream, Kojima has shocked us again. After all, isn’t Kojima supposed to be making sure Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is incredible?

Check out this trailer and go download the demo now on PSN, although it’s only for PS4 currently.

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