Google Translate to Support Real-Time Mobile Voice Translation

evolveteam January 12, 2015 0
google Translate mobile

The world has become irrevocably interconnected, and while there is a growing movement for a universal understanding of common languages (mostly English), there is still a great need for being able to quickly translate from one language to another. Given that mostly everyone seems to have a smartphone or smart device with them at all times, it is only logical this is where the advancements start.

According to the New York Times, Google is preparing to launch and update to its mobile translate app, which will include a real-time translation and detection of spoken foreign languages. The already existing online service was recently updated to cover 90 different languages.

Almost as exciting as the spoken language feature is the purported ability of the app to use the camera to translate signs. No more embarrassing trips to the wrong restroom when traveling abroad. While there is not an official timeline for release, the Times says that most Android devices currently running the application will be able to use the new version as well.

It remains to be seen if the updates will cover all 90 supported languages or not, but no matter the language of the land you travel through, the future is coming in to focus.