Gary Oldman Talks ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Conclusion, More Bane Images Surface

evolveteam November 22, 2011 0
Bane Dark Knight Rises Images

“My silence isn’t sane. No, don’t read into it…there is a conclusion.” The words of Gary Oldman during his interview with MTV reporter Josh Horowitz, as the two briefly touched on The Dark Knight Rises conclusion. The actor talks about the film’s final scenes without giving away too much, knowing the Internet is hearing his every word, joking about past comments being blown out of proportion. See if Oldman spills any goods on the film’s conclusion, also hear his comments about the late Heath Ledger and his legendary performance as the Joker.

In other Batman-related news, more images of Bane from Empire’s DKR coverage have also hit the Web. Hey, it’s Harvey Dent. Interesting. Check out Empire’s DKR covers over here.