Gallery: LEGO Mega Man 2 Robot Masters

evolveteam November 17, 2011 0
Mega Man 2 Robots Lego Creations

Newlyweds and avid gamers Tommy and Lindsay Nunes had a few special guests lined up at their wedding reception, as family and friends were welcomed by none other than LEGO creations of the Mega Man 2 robot masters. The 8-bit replicas were featured at different tables (ours being Quick Man at Table 5), while the bride and groom were entertained by the Blue Bomber, Air Man, and Metal Man at their private stand. Rockman creator and co-designer Keiji Inafune would easily approve.

But don’t expect these to hit eBay, as the exclusive LEGO builds are now part of Tommy and Lindsay’s Private Collection. Read the sign. So take a trip through memory lane and bask in your fondest Mega Man 2 memories as you breeze through the gallery and spot your favorite robot boss.

And by the way, that wasn’t the only surprise. Take a look at the Slime wedding cake, which stars several infamous 8-bit baddies of the past. We’re curious to see who you spot.