Frankfurt Motor Show 2013: Mansory McLaren 12C Stuntin’ In Turquoise

evolveteam September 12, 2013 1
Mansory McLaren 12C

Body packaging specialists Mansory stunned autophiles in attendance at the Frankfurt Motor Show with its turquoise-infused McLaren 12C model. McLaren’s speedster is already an automotive freak of nature, but Mansory went on to boost the two-door stunner’s powertrain courtesy of a new high-performance exhaust system, new engine management system, and sports air filter. The limited edition Mansory McLaren 12C is capable of generating 670hp at 7,100rpm with an increased max torque of 675Nm. This alone pushes the vehicle past 353km/h. Rounding out the car’s premiums are an ultralight bonnet, carbon fiber clad roof, front splitter, and extra rear wing. This thing is beautiful.


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