Far Cry 4 Preview – Animal Riding, Co-Op Play, Gameplay Features & Story Mode

evolveteam August 25, 2014 0

The Far Cry series remains one of the trippiest open-world shooters out there. But while the insane characters and storyline generate buzz before the launch of a new sequel, it’s the actual gameplay elements this time around stealing the spotlight, as we’ve witnessed firsthand with Far Cry 4. Ubisoft Montreal is putting in some serious work to make the upcoming installment more bizarre and unique than its predecessors, adding several new features into the mix such as co-op play, elephant riding, and access to the Grapple Hook, which plays an integral role in the experience by allowing players to hover across landscapes and plot attacks. Talk about ingenuity. EvolveTV caught up with the developer and spoke with Lead Programmer Raphael Parent to get the latest on the highly anticipated FPS. Welcome back Kyrat!