EvolveTV Exclusive: Meet The Ultimate Gears of War Fan (David “The Ultimizer” Tyson)

evolveteam September 27, 2011 0
David The Ultimizer Tyson Gears of War 3

How many hardcore gamers you know that are willing to patiently wait outside of a NYC venue for 8 days just to pick up a video game? Answer: One. Say hello to David “The Ultimizer” Tyson. Dude managed to hold his No.1 spot on line for the Gears of War 3 launch event at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square for over a week and was given the superstar treatment by Microsoft, Epic Games, MLG, and Xbox 360 fans. We caught up with ultimate GOW3 fan to discuss survival techniques (food and bathroom breaks), free swag, and his undying passion for the classic third-person shooter. Take a look at our exclusive interview below, also check EvolveTV’s discussion with creator Cliff Bleszinski by clicking here.

Anyone looking to test Jason’s gaming skills can get at him via Gamertag (The ULTIMIZER), or his Facebook and Twitter accounts.