EA Access Members Get Dragon Age: Inquisition 5 days In Advance

Jager Robinson November 4, 2014 0

It is no surprise that EA is pushing their recently unveiled EA Access system for the Xbox One, but the extent of the content given continues to surprise us. The gaming publisher has announced that members of their Xbox One exclusive service will be able to play and download Dragon Age: Inquisition 5 days in advance on November 13th, while us normal people have to wait until November 18th.

It is worth noting that even though this game is going to be available to play in advance, game play is limited to 6 total hours. Seems like kind of a rip for those with EA Access. Six hours in a game like Dragon Age: Inquisition, which Bioware has already boasted to have over 150 hours of content, seems a bit low.

EA has also announced that a demo/trial will be available to those with EA Access and who are unsure about the game. The trail progress will transfer to the full game if you choose to do so.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will release on November 18th alongside Far Cry 4 and is the next up in a franchise that has lost its way after its stellar first installment.