Control Your Smart Watch Hands-Free With Aria

Linda Tell May 26, 2015 0
aria wearable

You might perceive smart watches to be more mobile than handhelds, but they’re not. Think about it – most smart phones can be navigated with just one hand; a watch requires both. The makers of Aria are familiar with this dilemma, and they’ve turned to Kickstarter to make their solution a reality.

Aria is a smart watch accessory that attaches to your existing watchband. It can translate finger and wrist movements into navigation commands, freeing up your other hand. With Aria, you can perform all your regular smart watch tasks without even lifting a finger.

Right now, the technology only works with Android Wear and Pebble Time. It’s unclear if or when the device will come to Apple products. Either way, this innovation is pretty exciting – we already know that technology makes life more and more convenient, but Aria takes convenience to a whole new level. Take a look: