Child Spends $4,500 In Microtransactions and Parents Sue Microsoft

Jager Robinson March 17, 2015 0

It’s funny what the word microtransaction means nowadays. Its given connotation translation is a way for a company like EA to make tons of money even after the initial purchase of the game has been made. Well that horrible dream came true for one family as two parents realized that their kid had purchased $4,500 worth of upgrades for his players in the Ultimate Team option in Fifa 14.

This child was unable to comprehend what the significance of his purchases were and Microsoft has denied any liability to the claim by his parents prompting the parents to sue Microsoft in a class action lawsuit.

The parents have taken the blame in this case saying that it is their fault they were not paying closer attention (like how it gets to the point where $4,500 disappears from your account slowly without you noticing) but they issued a statement that says: “If Microsoft wanted to spare thousands of parents from frustration, anger and sometimes, serious financial consequences then it could find a hundred ways to do it. It has just chosen not to.”

It is important to note that no one has ever one a case like this. There is no precedent to side with the parents due to the many, many, many, many, many parental warnings on all video games that urge parents not to let their children, who don’t know better, to have free reign on the said game but who knows, maybe a judge will side with the parents due to the significant amount of money lost.

Stay tuned for more info as this case either goes to trial or is thrown out!