Castlevania Mirror of Fate Review

evolveteam March 20, 2013 2
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Graphics

Awesome 2D Visuals

Let’s be honest here, the graphics quality on the 3DS isn’t up to par with the PlayStation Vita. While it’s easy to fall in love with the breathtaking visuals of Sony’s next-gen portable, it’s always nice to take a step back into the 2D realm, which Nintendo’s console perfects. When Mirror of Fate isn’t running 3D graphics, it looks like an immaculate 2D title. Though when in the former it presents this look of paper animation, as the backgrounds stay in place and the characters pop out on the screen, which screams retro.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Playable Characters

Playable Characters

Like most modern Castlevania games, one playable character isn’t enough. This time out we got three to choose from: Sion, Alucard, and Trevor. This addition breaks the title down into three acts that provides an in-depth backstory for each, while providing new abilities for each hero that presents a learning curve most common for the avid Castlevania fan.

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