Castlevania Mirror of Fate Review

evolveteam March 20, 2013 2
Castlevania Lords of Fate Combat

Classic Combat

The game starts off slow with a couple of cuts scenes and you don’t see too many baddies early on, but one shouldn’t worry as the combat picks up and gets better after a short prologue. Animatedly graphic, we found ourselves decapitating enemies left and right. Gamers will see themselves swinging across chandeliers and leaping over huge spaces. The combos are pretty cool, though each needs to be unlocked for use. How? Well, you get a new skill upon collecting enough XP to level up. One must also pay attention to the learn flashing lights shining from enemies, as this becomes essential when relying on heavy combat and using chain attacks. In addition, you get a small selection of sub-weapons like a throwing axe or electrical bomb, but it’s highly recommended sticking with your standard attacks.

Boss battles aren’t as difficult as the previous titles, though they’re oddly done. Ex: the first boss wasn’t really a battle so to speak, but more of a cinematic. A little disappointing, especially since it happens again later on. Now the other boss encounters are true to the old school Castlevania games, where attention is key and mastering patterns is essential to moving forward.

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