Battlefield: Hardline Beta To Include New Game Mode and Map

evolveteam January 26, 2015 0

We’re itching closer to the launch of Battlefield Hardline. Got March 17th penciled into your calendar? You should. In awaiting the new DICE’s shooter, the company’s gone on to share a Hardline beta that numerous players have gained access to. Last week, the studio started a community mission for all Battlefield 4 players with the goal of reaching 2 billion points playing rush.

Good news. The achievement was met and now the studio plans on including the Heist game mode and ‘Bank Job’ map in the new beta. This should now make it possible to buy any weapon in the game, at least for those who have the cash to spend. Talk about a sigh of relief for BF4 players.

The video above offers a look at some of the camos and the third map.