The 10 Most Badass John McClane Moments In ‘Die Hard ‘History

evolveteam February 12, 2013 0

6.McClane vs. F-35

Film: Live Free or Die Hard
It takes balls of adamantium to play chicken with a fully loaded F-35 spitting missiles and rounds straight at you. Yea, it’s one of the more ridiculously unbelievable stunts ever witnessed on the big screen, but if someone had to go through it, McClane seems like the perfect candidate. At least dude pulled it off in style.

5. and 4. GTA with a Vengeance

Film: Die Hard with a Vengeance
How do you get from Uptown to Downtown in a 90-block radius before a bomb goes off in 30 minutes? Hop in a cab and cut through Central Park. McClane and Zeus go all GTA in the city’s most famous meadow, ignoring all detours and driving through the great lawn to free up some extra time. Crazy. And that’s a start. What happens the moment you finish the trek out of the park, being that it only gets you Midtown? Call in a fake emergency and then after the nearest ambulance is dispatched, follow the vehicle as it parts traffic like the red sea.

Then comes the real fun. Riding MTA, locating the bomb, and ditching it before explosion in a subway tunnel. A stroke of badass genius!

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