The 10 Most Badass John McClane Moments In ‘Die Hard ‘History

evolveteam February 12, 2013 0

10. “Now I have a machine gun…Ho ho ho!”

Film: Die Hard
McClane’s first kill just so happens to be the brother of Gruber’s second-in-command, Karl. And just to squeeze some lemon juice onto the wound after taking out the threat, he does what any badass would do: gloat by sending the cadaver down the elevator and confirming he now has a weapon. “Ho ho ho”…talk about the perfect F-you.

9. Eject

Film: Die Hard 2: Die Harder
The sequel sees our hero trapped at a snowy airport, where the badassery levels kick up a notch as evidenced by this moment. McClane’s trapped in a military transport plane on the ground and terrorists are lobbing grenades at him. Escape route: strapping into a pilot seat and ejecting right as the plane explodes.

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