Amazon Officially Announces Kindle Fire HD 6 and Kindle Fire HD 7

evolveteam September 19, 2014 0
amazon kindle fire 6 and 7

The dams holding all the tech within the walls of Amazon HQ may about to be busted in earnest. Amazon has challenged their design team to design a tablet which would retail for under $100. They may have just done it.

Kindle Fire HD6 comes in at $99. Packing in some pretty respectable stats, the Fire HD 6 has a full HD screen (252 pixels per inch), 8GB of memory, which is certainly meager. There is a 16GB option for an extra $40. Toss in 5 colors to choose from, and that’s a lot of potency and variety for just $100.

Both the 6 and the 7 offer high quality screens, the newly minted Fire OS 4.0 Sangria, a customized version of Android 4.4 KitKat. We can also look forward to seeing a Family Library, firefly, and cloud storage for photo taking.

For the price, even the larger 7-inch version with the increased RAM, the price is still below those of many of the flagship models from other competitors. Amazon has done very well since introducing the Kindle and without any major missteps. There is little reason to expect these two new devices to be anything but a success, no matter what color they come in.