343 Details Multiplayer Ranks in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Jager Robinson October 30, 2014 0

With Halo: The Master Chief Collection just weeks away now, 343 Industries has taken the time to tell us exactly how multiplayer ranking will work. A studio rep recently spoke to IGN about the details:

Each playlist within Halo: The Master Chief Collection uses an independent skill-based ranking system that is identical to the leveling system from the original Halo 2. The system uses the same exact XP requirements as the original Halo 2; players will earn XP when they win and lose XP when they lose, and total XP will determine their rank. You will have a skill-based ranking per each playlist; we ultimately decided not to have a ‘master’ ranking across all four games combined, given that player skill and approach varies radically between game chapters.”

It appears that the Halo 2 ranking system will make a large comeback for this 4-game set. This rep went on to explain the details of skill detection in MCC:

“Additionally, we’ve also modified matchmaking to use skill detection, which will put players into the fairest matches faster than any Halo game to date. In ranked hoppers, players will be evaluated after each match and can go up or down in ranks depending on how well they perform. Social matches will also be available for players who prefer a more relaxed play experience.”

If you are just as excited as we are, get geared up for the newest Halo movement with the beautiful new cinematic that was released today. Along with the nostalgia movement of seeing all four games stacked together again, you will be able to start trying to hit max rank in MCC when it releases on November 11th exclusively for the Xbox One.