25 Things You Didn’t Know About The ‘RoboCop’ Franchise

evolveteam February 7, 2014 4
Robocop Blade Runner

According to writer Edward Neumeier, the idea for the film came from when he passed by a Blade Runner poster and asked what the film was about.


Robocop Rutger Hauer and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Director Paul Verhoeven and producers originally sought Rutger Hauer and Arnold Schwarzenegger for the lead, but the physiques of both actors forced the studio to look elsewhere.


Robocop Rom Comic book

The Robocop character was inspired by Judge Dredd and Marvel superhero Rom, which the filmmakers paid homage to by featuring a ROM comic book twice in the film—once during the convenience store robbery and in a flashback scene with Murphy’s son.


Robocop Suits

Verhoeven said he looked at the script in disgust upon first glance and that his wife picked it out of the trash, convincing him the plot had substance.


Robocop cartoon series

A Robocop cartoon was actually made in 1988, and yes, it sucked.


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