2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The 5 Best Mobile Gaming Gadgets

evolveteam December 5, 2013 1
Best Mobile Gaming Accessories
Words by Alex Bracetti

Mobile gaming is growing at such an exponential rate that even powerhouses like Nintendo and Sony are losing their grip on the portable market to the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft. As it continues to grow in popularity, there’s been a surge of accessory companies jumping on the craze and producing a variety of devices compatible with most of today’s top smartphones and tablets–each made to enhance the mobile gaming experience. On top of that, a small number of other tech staples are coming out the gate with their own handheld consoles in hopes of snatching some of the market share. Then we have the hardcore PC users who consider their spec’d-out laptops the only true elite portable, though struggle to find peripherals convenient enough to carry on the go. With lots to options to choose from, we rummaged through the oversaturated crowd and compiled a list of the 5 Best Mobile Gaming Gadgets worth checking out.

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