2011 Back To School Guide: The 7 Best Digital Alarm Clocks

evolveteam August 25, 2011 0

Words by J.R. Fischer

Now that the summer has come to an end, college students, along with the rest of us, are dreading the idea of waking up early for class and work. It’s during these dark days we rely on high-tech gadgets to awaken us from our slumber. But realistically, the majority end up hitting the snooze button and falling back out. So in these scenarios, you need a high-quality and dependable digital alarm clock that can make you feel good about being conscious, or practically drag you out of your king-sized cradle. Take a look at the latest and greatest options in digital alarm gadgetry.

 Moshi Voice Control Reflection Clock

Seeing how everyone uses their cellular or tablet as alarm devices nowadays due to its user-friendly touchscreen functionality: How can any alarm clock top that facet? DUH! Voice recognition. By stretching your vocal chords, you can command the Moshi Reflection to set a time and alarm or snooze. The battery operated (3 AAA batteries) clock also offers temperature and humidity readings on its sharp LCD display. Equipped with various setting options, set dual alarms, adjust brightness settings, and choose from 6 nightlight colors to suit your visual preference. It can also record, save, and play voice memos.

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 The Flying Alarm Clock

Need that extra nudge to get out of bed in the morning? The Flying Alarm Clock sets off a loud shrieking noise and shoots a propeller-like top into the air, forcing you to get up and recover the rotor key to its base: silencing the alarm. In case you’re recovering from a long night of studying (or partying), the clock features a unique snooze function that makes the alarm ring continuously every seven minutes for up to an hour. Programming the device is hassle-free thanks to a simple six-button control panel and the bright LCD backlit screen provides easy display reading. Lateness is not an option here.

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 Bang & Olufsen BeoTime Alarm Clock

Not much space on the nightstand? The BeoTime clock dons a gorgeous and unobtrusive design that is built to mold into any cram-spaced and affluent-like environment, and comes packaged with a wall strip to mount it onto any flat surface. To the surprise of many, this miniscule timekeeper features high-tech attributes such as motion-sensor and automatic backlighting. Wake up to the sounds of the standard discreet chime or make your own customized sounds by adding music, radio stations, etc. Everyone wants to glance over at something sexy in morning. So why not Bang and Olufsen’s beauty?

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 Nanda Home ‘Clocky’ Alarm Clock

The battery-operated clock is one of those cooky contraptions that will guarantee you make it on time to class. Though it supports alarm functionality, those who decide to hit the snooze button will hear the Clocky roll off the nightstand and onto the floor, making you get up and catch the device to turn it off. Not in the mood for the run around, huh? Users have the option to turn the wheels on or off. With simplistic four-button programming, there’s no need to dig in the instruction manual. Choose from an assortment of colors ranging from almond, coco, raspberry, black, mint, and more. Now that’s how you start your day on a roll.

Note: It’s recommended you don’t place the Clocky above 3 ft.

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 Lark Alarm Clock

Labeled as the un-alarm clock, this high-tech wristband acts as a sleep sensor that wakes you up through vibration at a set time: even when your phone dies. How nuts is that. That’s not all. What makes the device so revolutionary is the accompanying app that allows users to track their sleeping patterns and records it directly to their mobile phones. There’s also audio backup that wakes you in case the wristband battery dies out or you end up in a sleeping coma. Accompanying the LARK is a docking station supports your iPod, iPad, or iPhone: serving as a charger as well. Android integration will be supported in the near future as well.

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 Sony Spy Alarm Clock

Ever wonder what happens after you wake up and leave your living quarters. Maybe have a sneaking suspicion about your roommate, better yet, on-campus girlfriend? Adorned with all the fittings of a normal alarm clock, Sony’s gizmo disguises itself as a spy camera that records and stores 720p HD videos with the push of a button. Each video is dated and timed, and stores on a 16GB SD card. The alarm clock is motion activated; therefore, it will only record when movement has been detected in the room. What a perfect way to keep tabs on your stuff and spy on others.

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 Stem TimeCommand Audio Alarm Dock

All iDevice conformists that are highly dependent on their Apple gadgets for everything should invest in the TimeCommand’s audio dock. By docking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod (both in and out of its protective case), you can activate and set dual alarm times. Download the Stem:Connect App at the App Store and take full control of the alarm dock’s Sonic iQ acoustic system, which comes fully equipped with a 5-band graphic equalizer and bass enhancer, plus free internet radio options. Besides showing the current time, the LED display also presents local weather reports. And for those fearful of blackouts or power outages, there is a SafeWake battery-backup feature that wakes you up when power is out.

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