10 Hot Mobile Tech Startups to Keep on your Radar

evolveteam September 2, 2014 1
hot mobile tech startups
Words by Linda Tell

We live in the age of the startup—an era where new companies and technological advancements are popping up regularly. And the mobile industry has seen notable growth due to the popularity of these digital tenderfoots. Between smartphone apps, accessories, and cutting-edge online services, there are a multitude of mobile tech startups making noise on the market—some more than others. So the next time you’re visiting the app store or browsing the web for something new, keep these programs in mind. Here is a look at 10 buzz-worthy startups that are making groundbreaking changes to all aspects of our ever-changing lives.

confide startup


Touted as the off-the-record messenger, Confide allows professionals to share confidential information without compromising privacy. The app works similarly to Snapchat, whereas users can send messages, which, upon being received and read, disappear. The simple interface reveals one word at a time, so that the entire message is never displayed at once. It was created with professionals in mind, but the technology can be repurposed for all kinds of people. After all, everyone has a secret they’d like to keep quiet.

Slack startup


Slack boasts that its service provides “team communication for the 21st century.” In short, the program combines all messaging history, photos, files, etc., making it all easily accessible and effortlessly searchable. Companies that use Slack report increased transparency and productivity. The app syncs every bit of information across all devices, virtually eliminating the chance of lost information, forgotten events, or missed messages. So far, companies like BuzzFeed and Medium have converted to Slack, and more will undoubtedly hop aboard soon.

Acompli startup


The tech landscape is utterly unrecognizable to what it was back in the 1990s. But still, email has looked and worked the same since its conception over the past two decades. Acompli gives email a long-awaited upgrade by combining messaging and calendar functions to create a productivity app unlike anything else on the market. Users can take hold of their personal and professional lives by incorporating communication with scheduling. It also syncs with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive to make file attaching easier than ever. No longer will people have to check multiple accounts across several apps; Acompli has everything a young professional needs all in one.



Anyone traveling beyond the reach of Wi-Fi knows how valuable Internet access is. Outernet solves this problem, not by extending wireless reach, but by converting rich content into stripped-down offline content—easily accessible everywhere and anywhere. All you need is a satellite, and some are actually quite mobile. Users can request info, which will be saved into a basic text format, and beamed over from Outernet headquarters to your device. This startup is attempting an entirely novel feat, with the potential to completely transform the way we use the Internet.

Samba startup


Ever wish you could see a friend’s reaction to a funny Snapchat or emotional text message? Samba is a new video messaging service that films the recipient’s real-time reaction and automatically messages the reaction back to the original sender. This app is as close to live communication as it gets (without actually video chatting). The app also allows users to un-send video messages, fast-forward, and rewind clips. Additionally, all reactions are conveniently saved for easy future access. Samba’s reaction-filming feature is unlike any of its competitors, making it marketable, and so far, increasingly successful.



With apps like Vine, Snapchat, and major web players like Youtube, it’s pretty clear that video sharing is the next big thing in social media. Vidme takes advantage of this thriving trend by combining all of our video apps onto one central platform. The program offers instant video uploads, regardless of whether or not you’re ‘signed-up.’ This means, no contract, no pesky spam…just simple video sharing. Users merely upload their video, and Vidme converts it into a send-able link; the service is so simple, it’s shocking that it took this long to conceptualize.

Circa startup


In our fast-paced technological world, nobody has time to sit down and read the newspaper. Fortunately, Circa has created a new, speedy alternative to staying informed. The app presents information is short, scrollable clips that update users with all the necessary facts, without any of the time-wasting fluff. Users can select the stories that they want to follow, and Circa will notify them with breaking news. The app also acts as a social platform; users can share stories on their ‘storyline.’

Tactus startup


Touch screens aren’t for everyone. Tactus allows smartphone owners to opt into button usage by creating physical buttons that appear and disappear on command. This cutting-edge technology sends fluid under a mobile phone’s Tactile Layer, raising the surface to create press-able keys. Tactus has created an entirely new phone function, breaking boundaries and entering into a new technological landscape. No longer will phone users be forced to compromise features and function.



A search engine for businesses, ThoughtSpot works to solve the problem of lost data with the use of an ‘In-Memory database.’ Within businesses, data access has always been difficult, and often requires assistance from IT specialists. The introduction of a business data search engine will maintain the security of high-profile data, while simultaneously speeding up the access and analysis process, thus increasing overall efficiency. ThoughtSpot has the potential to seriously alter the business world, as the technology will undoubtedly leave its mark on the professional landscape.



Created by security professionals, JumpCloud tracks server use and maintains safekeeping. The team noticed that companies invest far too much time, labor, and money on IT, instead of the actual production of their respective services. JumpCloud, a server management startup, combats this setback with innovative technology that tracks all jobs performed on the server from one console. The service significantly decreases the number of time-consuming tasks that typically swamp corporate tech departments, making it the premier technology for all companies looking to move their costly IT divisions into the new age.