10 Awesome Titanfall Gameplay Videos You Must Watch

evolveteam March 27, 2014 2

Kill A Titan In 10 Seconds

Youtube subscriber: ProHousekeeper
Seek an immediate solution to eliminating the lifelike robots in the fastest time possible? Most Titan kills can take up to good couple of minutes…if you’re that good. But follow ProHousekeep’s tips and you just might be able to do so in approximately 10 seconds.

When The Pilot Spawnkilling Hunter

Youtube subscriber: Titanfall Legends
So how does one achieve 23 pilot kills and 10 assists in such a short amount of time? By becoming a spawnkilling a**hole as one of the YouTube commenters best put it. But that could only come out the mouth of a Titanfall fanboy. Either way, it’s a pretty cool feat to accomplish

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