10 Awesome Next-Gen Indie Games To Keep On Your Radar

evolveteam March 10, 2014 2

Galak-Z The Dimensional

Platform: PlayStation 4
This 16-bit, 2D space shooter lets players take control of different space crafts based in anime from the ’70s and ’80s. Toss enemies into exploding obstacles or keep it old school by blasting missiles at them. Use stealth and skill to advance. Powered by the Cyntient AI engine, the game archives gorgeous visuals highlighted by it’s life-like enemies.


Platform: PC and PlayStation 4
In leaving your home planet, gamers will find themselves on another where they must fight their way through a series of obstacles on their journey through the galaxy. Encounter all types of different characters, locations, and weapons to help farm the land, or simply jump from planet to planet taking necessary materials.

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