Youtube Working on Redesigned Video Player

evolveteam April 13, 2015 0
YouTube Player

A news reports suggests that YouTube is in for a big overhaul, drawing inspiration for the new desktop video player from the site’s mobile applications. The new player will feature the translucent overlays we’ve gotten used to seeing on the mobile app, instead of the opaque black bars of the desktop version.

The changes are largely visual. The new player will feature controls that disappear after a few seconds, leaving a maximized screen space. Controls for autoplay on play lists, annotations, and video speed and quality have gotten the same makeover as the overall product.

It doesn’t appear as if the new player is ready for the primetime though. If you follow some simple instructions (requiring the Chrome browser), you can get your feet wet. The need for a change isn’t as obvious as some other product updates have been. The update does show a focus on synergy which is prevalent in the industry, so it makes sense, if and when it comes to market.