Xbox One October Update Brings New Controls and Security

Jager Robinson October 21, 2014 0

While some of us are still rather upset at some of the confusing controls on the Xbox One, it is nice to see Microsoft release monthly updates trying to improve the system as a whole.

Microsoft, in their October update, will roll out features that improve password security (something that was sorely lacking) and fix the awkward snap controls present on the console. The new snap features will include the ability to quickly double tap the Xbox Home Button and access abilities like snap, unsnap and flashback to apps that are currently running on the machine. Along with this, you will be able to double tap that home button to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay, for those who don’t have the Kinect.

Along with these two main fixes and improvements, there will be some added features for the social aspect of the Xbox experience. You will now be able to put “captions” on unlocked Achievements. This probably allows you to comment on how you got the achievement and how your friends can learn from your unlocking. Or if you are like most of us, you can just put a message bragging that you got the achievement in the first place. Along with captions will come a friends achievement feed (for when they want to brag) and a monthly Gamerscore leaderboard (for when everyone is bragging at the same time).

While these are the main points, there certainly are a lot more smaller updates coming so be sure to check out Major Nelson’s video.