Tendr is Tinder For Investments

Linda Tell June 4, 2015 0

What’s sexier than a hot date? A hot investment. A new Tinder-style crowdfunding app – Tendr – was launched in the UK this Wednesday, simplifying investment into two options: swipe right, or swipe left.

Tendr will pull pitches from a number of crowdfunding websites, including Crowdfunder, Funding Tree, Crowdcube, and Seedrs, among others. Combining all possible investments into one platform offers users a wider range of options, so there are plenty of fish to choose from.

Currently, Tendr is only available in the UK, but it’s reported to arrive in the rest of Europe, and hopefully the US, soon. The app is a great way to take advantage of a popular trend and turn it into a valuable asset. Who knows, you might just invest in the business of your dreams.