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New Medal of Honor Trailer Announces Release Date

evolveteam May 7, 2010 0

EA’s been hard at work on the new Medal of Honor game, and with the core team of Infinity Ward doing the boogie on Activision, the shooter has a shot of dethroning Call of

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Crysis 2: The Wall Trailer

evolveteam April 19, 2010 0

EA’s highly anticipated FPS brings the chaos to New York City, as one supersoilder must wipeout an alien threat. [ ?posts_id=3494326&dest=-

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Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Trailer

evolveteam April 9, 2010 0

Time to saddle up and gather the posse together for some gun-slinging multiplayer action. Here’s a look at Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer. [ ?posts_id=3479211&dest=-

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The PS3 and Xbox 360 Target a 16-Bit Treasure?

evolveteam May 4, 2009 0

It’s amazing how much attention the Wii’s virtual console exclusives have garnered since its launch. After exclusively appearing on Nintendo’s online retro gaming shop, Treasure’s classic shoot’em up, Gunstar Heroes, could be making its

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